Best photos Perseids 2011 (9 photos)

In 2011, a maximum of Perseids fell on the full moon. Amateur astronomers around the world had to contend with the bright light of the moon. Many meteors literally drowned in the light of our satellite.

Very bright fireball of Perseids. Photo: Adrian West

Perseids August 12, 2011. Photo: akoutso

Perseids over Finland. Photo: Arto Ketola

The bright white of the Perseids meteor photographed by the camera of the Canada-France Hawaii Telescope August 12, 2011. Photo: J. Major

Among frequent Perseid meteors bright, like this one. Sometimes meteors fly in groups of 6-15 meteors for 2-3 minutes. Photo: maistorov

Perseids in the sky over Spain. Photo: Rafael Cercedilla

Meteor of Perseids flies over the constellation Auriga. Right - the constellation Perseus. Above the horizon - the Pleiades open cluster. Photo: Wilfried b.

Meteor of Perseids crosses the Milky Way. Photo: Michael Scott Schneider

Another meteor photographed August 12, 2011: at the peak of the Perseids. Photo: Philipp Klinger



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