Unusual types of weapons (10 photos)

Some of our greatest inventions were allocated in the military sphere. Here is a list of bizarre instruments, invented quite confused military inventors.

Pets bomb

Today's animal protection organizations have protested against such use of animals in war, but some states during the Second World War and those involved. US tried to use bats with tiny incendiary bombs. The British tried to use dead rats with explosives inside. They thought that the Germans will throw their containers with coal, rats explode. In the USSR trained "anti" dogs of the fact that they think that there is food under the tanks.
Destroyer swords

These weapons came from the Middle Ages. It was a long dagger with a strong cut teeth on one side. During the battle, the knight grasped the sword of the enemy in one of the slots and quick movement broke or knocked him.

Man catcher

He was a man catcher fitted on the shaft tip uhvatoobrazny featuring flexible "horns", studded with spikes. It was created to pull the man with the horse. He starred in the medieval tradition of the capture member of the royal family or the aristocracy for ransom, as well as to catch dangerous criminals.

Gun tow

This weapon is considered the first mechanical gun. It was a normal tripod put to a single-flintlock rifle, but with a 11-round drum-cylinder. This gun was designed for use on the ship for boarding teams and gunfire could make 63 shots in 7 minutes. But what made this weapon so special is the fact that it used just two types of bullets: spherical against the enemies of Christians and Muslims against the cube. Cubic bullets were considered more painful and, according to the inventor of tow could convince Muslims in highly developed Christian civilization.

Air carrier


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