Precious Kalashnikovs

These are lavishly decorated with gold and precious wood carved Kalashnikovs were rip the "respectable people" Mexican drug traffickers. Samples were shown during the exhibition by Mexican security forces seized from local drug cartels of weapons arranged in the army of Mexico Ciudad Juarez on 16 February 2012. "The exhibition" looked Mexican President Felipe Calderon and his wife.

Chic "Kalashnikovs". Ciudad Juarez, 16.02.2012 © Henry Romero / Reuters

The destruction of confiscated weapons using a tracked armored vehicle AMX VCI DNC-1 Mexican army. A total of 3091 destroyed automatic and automatic rifles, 3,697 guns, 21 grenade launcher and 456308 rounds of ammunition of different calibers. Ciudad Juarez, 16.02.2012 © Henry Romero / Reuters


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