Electron microscopes contribute to the development of nanotechnology

Electron microscopes contribute to the development of nanotechnology, allowing scientists to look at things with such an increase, which a few decades ago they were not even dreamed of. The company "FEI Company" - the world leader in the industry of electron microscopes. In this collection you'll find photos taken by scientists from around the world with on-FEI.

1. Caterpillar, increase 30x. (OLIVER MECKES)

2. hairline cracks in the steel. (Martina Dienstleder)

3. Spider. (OLIVER MECKES)

4. Nanozerkala on DLP-screen. (Regino Sandoval)

5. The Birth of ladybirds. (Riccardo Antonelli)

6. Tick on mosquito larvae. (Nicole Ottawa)

7. Rift. (Philippe Crassous)

8. Dehydrated breast cancer cells. (Wadah Mahmoud)

9. Water mite. (Nicole Ottawa)

10. Copper pad, corroded. (FEI COMPANY)

11. mosquito larvae and mites. (Nicole Ottawa)

12. The iron oxide. (Francisco Rangel)

13. polychaete. (Philippe Crassous)

14. Fly. (Ivan Jimenez Boone)

15. Crystal sugar. (David McCarthy)


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