Floating palaces with Lake Nemi (8 photos)

That's cool fun in ancient Rome.

"The Love Boat" mad emperor.
Moody Emperor Caligula, who, they say, made his favorite horse incitatus first citizen of Rome, then a senator and then he brought it to the list of candidates for the consul, used to sail on their exciting ships on Lake Nemi, near the place where there was a his statue, indulging his sensual inclinations ...
From the first days of the reign of Caligula attracted to the sacred lake of Nemi Temple of Diana. The lake is known as the "mirror of Diana", her cult like Artemis in Greece was born a long time ago. It is associated with the ritual of initiation and transformation.

This sensual cult Caligula mastered, he ordered to build a palace near the shrine to worship the goddess. The cult of Diana allowed him to be given the bloodshed and perversion under the guise of religious worship. Lake Nemi was the perfect place for this. Palace was not enough, and he ordered to build two huge ship worthy of the most powerful man on Earth.

Under his direction the first ship was supposed to be a floating temple of Diana, the second luxury pleasure craft for the entertainment of the emperor and his guests. Caligula wished that the big ships served as an ornament of the lake. Written sources about their construction, operation, and no deaths; historians attribute it ships Caligula, based on its reputation and labeling of objects found on ships.

Nearby it was built by the shipyard. The building was attended by the best of the best engineers. Requirements for the ships were extremely difficult: low sludge and at the same time, they must be wide enough to keep the balance under heavy superstructure. Construction technology was the most advanced.

A special feature was a series of bronze animal heads - they were moored small vessels, on which the emperor arrived with friends. Workmanship was at altitude.

Finding two huge pleasure ships built during the mad Roman emperor Caligula led historians to reconsider their views on the antiquity.

Luxury ships had not previously found. When the two vessels brought to the surface of the lake began to see their true dimensions. They are forced to rewrite history and look at the restless luxury emperors. Vessels were approximately 70 m long and 20 m wide. Taking into account the one-mile lake of Nemi - ships were enormous.

But more surprising was the quality of their performance and technology. There are marble floors, plumbing with hot and cold water. They were floating palaces with gold, mosaic floors, and on the other hand, they reflect the technical capabilities of the Roman shipbuilders.

Caligula became emperor at the age of 25 years. Wealth and power have done their job. He has earned a reputation for sadistic brutal waste of wealth for the pleasure and satisfaction of your own feelings. But his weakness was the sea, he was a descendant of the famous sailors two generations earlier.


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