Child labor in history (25 photos)

December 1908, a textile factory worker Mollahan Mills in Newberry, North Carolina.

According to the census of 1900, in the United States, there were 1, 7 million. Minors who are forced to work as adults. Already by the time of child labor in many states was banned, but hardly somewhere observed. Only in 1908 the ban has spread all over the country, but then it took another few years until the problem is not began to fight for real. From 1910 to 1918 the photographer Lewis Hine documented child labor in the United States. On the instructions of the organization National Child Labor Comittee (NCLC), he has traveled all over the country, right or wrong penetrated into the factories and mines, a lot of risk. In many ways his pictures, as well as lobbying work NCLC changed in the US approach to the problem.

8-year-old Richard at the mill in Eastport, Maine. This is 1911. Note the bandaged finger.

Yanavar 1911. Work for the spinning machine in Macon, Georgia.

July 1915. At harvest sugar beet alongside a Sugar City, Colorado: 6-year-old Mary, 8-year-old Lucy and 10-year-old Ethan.

Cigar Factory Englahardt und Co. in Tampa, Florida.

7-year-old trader newspapers Ferris in Mobile, Alabama. October 1914.

8-year-old Jenny on collecting cranberries in Pemberton, New Jersey. 1910.

August 1915, in western Massachusetts: 8-year-old Jack in the transportation of milk cans. According to the photographer he downloaded them.

7-year-old Rosie on cutting oysters in Bluffton, South Carolina. The picture was taken in February 1913, by the time Rosie worked for 3 years.

Corzine production in Evansville, Indiana. October 1908.

October 1908. Sawmill in Evansville, Indiana. It is particularly frequent accidents happened.

Sugar beet harvest in Wisconsin, in July 1915.

October 1916: 11-year-old Callie picking cotton in Pottawatomie County, Oklahoma. Hi, Uzbekistan 21st century!

December 3, 1908, in a textile factory in Newberry Mollahan Mills, North Carolina.

December 3, 1908, in a textile factory in Newberry Mollahan Mills, North Carolina.

December 3, 1908, in a textile factory in Newberry Mollahan Mills, North Carolina.

In New York.

11-year-old courier Percy in November 1913 in Shreveport, Louisiana. In fact, he in a good mood: just got a good tip.

Underage installer telegraph line in Kuntukki, August 1916.

Textile factory Chace Cotton Mill in Burlington, Vermont. May 1909.

Coal mine in South Pittston, Pennsylvania. January 1911.

10-year-old Rose in collecting berries in Browns Mills, New Jersey in September 1910.

Night shift at the glass factory in Indiana, April 1909.

Textile factory in Loudon, Tennessee. 1910.

Luigi, 6-year-old newspaper seller in Sacramento, May 1915.


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