Molokini Atoll was formed about 15 thousand years ago

Molokini Atoll was formed about 15 thousand years ago, to escape from the crater of the volcano lava. Inside this natural rocky crescent are found more than 250 species of fish and 38 species of coral, which no longer meet throughout the Pacific.


On the island there is absolutely no ground, and around towering cliffs just silent. That is why some surrounding waters and are considered the cleanest in all Hawaii.


Himself Molokini Atoll rises only 50 meters above the water surface, and the surface is seen only sparse vegetation but noisy colony Krasnogruda frigates, which in the absence of predators (here live only a few dozen rabbits) nest on its cliffs


To preserve the pristine nature of the management of the State of Hawaii in 1987 a special decree forbade people to land on the atoll of Molokini.


Compared to other Hawaiian islands, visibility under water off the coast of Molokini up to 50 meters, and the water itself is extremely clean and clear.


For 50 years this paradise atoll with emerald waters used for training military aircraft bombing of the US Navy. They bombed this tropical paradise on the conscience of Americans, and as a result of multi-ton iron threw all the surrounding area around the atoll.



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