Tips budding photographers

Some practical tips following which you will become inapplicable cult photographer, even if instead of hands you panicles.

Poses for Photographing pairs

1. Couple lying on the ground nearby. Let pripodnimut above ground the upper part of the body, leaning on hands. It can easily embrace her. Remove from a low angle.

2. A good example to show an asymmetric position of the two bodies.

3. Another variant lying pairs. Add romance.

4. Locate the rise and take a picture of a couple on top. Unusual angle shooting in a fairly simple posture gives surprisingly good results!

5. Lovely position - she hugs him from behind. Remember that the couple does not necessarily look at the camera. For best results, let them speak to each other, flirting and laughing.

6. Very cute way to show affection, which occurs in pairs at the meeting. It is interesting to look among the crowd in the city, in the subway.

7. Merry posture. Do not think that it is only applicable to young people aged couples also feel fine using such a position. Opobo different sides shooting angles approaching.

8. Pose with a twinkle of fun. It is important to position her feet, they should be bent at different angles. Do not forget to make their intimate portrait.

9. Another romantic pose. Again - shoot better in the open space. You can use the backlight for shooting silhouettes, for example, at sunset.

10. Easy starting position - couple standing face to face (but looks into the camera), she keeps a hand on his shoulder.

Success poses for photographing girls

1. A great way to show the beautiful physique model.

2. Attractive and open posture lying. Lower the camera and look through the viewfinder at ground level.

3. A simple way to pose for women of all body types. Try different positions of the feet and hands. But remember, you need to focus on the model's eyes.

4. This version works fine on the street (on the grass with flowers).

5. Soft and romantic pose. Use any fabric. Slightly bared shoulders or back works very effectively.

6. easy enough to pose, but it looks awesome. Sit down and shoot from ground level.

7. Excellent posture for sitting on the floor model.

8. Beautiful effects can be created using the diagonals. Hold the camera perfectly straight is not required. Do not be afraid to tilt it and get unusual perspective.

9. This position works well on any surface: the model can lie on the bed, on the floor, in the grass or on a sandy beach.

Success poses for photographing men

1. The model with arms folded. Make sure that the shoulders were withdrawn slightly back and abdominal muscles tightened.

2. The model stands in a relaxed position. One hand on the hip or in your pocket.

3. A man holding a cloak over his shoulders, legs crossed.

4. A man leaning against the wall - another option for photos in full growth.

5. Model sideways leans against the wall. Well suited for formal shots.

6. Photograph man sitting at a table. Looks great on informal portraits.

7. Natural and simple posture of a man sitting on the ground. Try different angles and shooting direction.

8. A man rests on his folded arms. Items on the desktop will point to his family occupation.

9. A man sits on the floor, leaning back against the wall. The informal posture.

Poses for photographing a group of people

1. Ask them to stand very close to each other. Then ask the head positioned close to each other in the plane of the frame.

2. If possible, look for ways to take down a group with a high angle. Use the balcony or climb on the car to get a high point shooting.

3. Ask the group to form a circle lying in the grass outdoors or on the floor in the room and remove the top.

4. An interesting way to remove a small group of people. Select a group leader and put it forward.

5. Pay more attention to the overall composition. Imagine that the group is a single object. Make sure that all the people in the group are visible.

6. It is a fun way for informal snapshot group of friends. For best results, ask the group to bounce after a short run-up.

7. A good idea for family photos - to get out of the room, sit down on a bench in a local park or on the beach - all these places are perfect for family photos. Remember, if your model sit, not photographed standing position, going below and remove.

8. Very beautiful version of the song for a family picture. Can be made outside the grass indoors or on the bed. Suitable for any number of children.

9. Remove the family strolling hands. Do a lot of shots and then select only those where the position of the legs does not look awkward. Control in focus, while objects closer to the camera.

10. To create an unusual family photo flip the idea of ​​"photo on the couch!" Just take pictures from behind, and you will be surprised how different the usual result will be.


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