Great Wall of China (33 photos)

A large collection of photos Wall. They give an idea of ​​what it represents. Fragments that are not completed, the beginning and the end, and much more.

Great Wall of China - one of the largest and most ancient monuments in the world. The total length of it is 8851, 8 km in one of the sections passes near Beijing.

Construction of the Great Wall began in the III century BC during the reign of Emperor Qin Shi Huang-ti of the Qin Dynasty, in the Warring States Period (475-221 gg. BC. E.). At that time, the state in dire need of protection from attacks of enemies, particularly the Xiongnu nomadic people. Was recruited fifth of China's population, while it was about a million people.

The wall was to be at the northern point of the planned expansion of the Chinese, as well as to protect subjects 'Celestial' from engaging in semi-nomadic, and assimilation with the barbarians. The plan was to clearly define the boundaries of the great Chinese civilization, to help unite the empire together, since China was just beginning to be formed of a plurality of the conquered countries.


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