Inventors who died because of his inventions (9 photos)

1. William Bullock invented roll rotary printing machine, completely change the scope of printing. In 1867, his leg was inadvertently pulled into a car and split. He died a week after amputation.

2. Wilm Nelson - 24-year-old inventor who worked in the company "General Electric". He invented a bicycle with a motor. Nelson died in 1903, obkatyvaya his creation.

3. Henry Smolinski crashed during a test flight AVE MIZAR - flying car. It was only that his company was trying to make.

4. Horace Lawson Hunley - Designer submarines during the American Civil War. Unfortunately, none of the attempts were not successful. In 1863, the third submarine sank, too, lost the whole team, including the Hunley.

5. Alexander Bogdanov sought to prove that a blood transfusion is the secret to anti-aging. He poured the blood 11 times. After 12 experiment in 1928 a scientist died from infection.

6. Harry Daglian Jr. and Louis Slotin. Both physicists working on the invention of a nuclear bomb in Los Alamos and died from radiation exposure in 1945 and 1946, respectively.

7. Karel Soucek - one of the brave souls who have successfully conquered the Niagara Falls in a barrel, which he himself designed. In 1985 a barrel, with Karel is in it, crashed during one of the tricks in Houston.

8. Max Valier - a pioneer of rocket building. He invented the liquid-fuel rocket engine, which exploded during a test rocket car, killing its creator.

9. Thomas Andrews was the chief designer of the Titanic. He was on board the ship in the fateful night in 1912.


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