The smallest girl in the world (7 photos)

With a playful nature, small Liang Xiaoxia behaves just like any other child.
Nevertheless, the growth of the three-year girl in comparison with other children of the same age clearly shows that not everything is perfect as we would like.
It is believed that Liang is the smallest girl in the world.

She was born with a weight of 1, 05 pounds and an increase of only 33 centimeters. But in the three years it has grown to only 54 cm and trimmed to 2, 5 kg.
Doctors in Huhu believe that the blame for rare genetic mutations that are the result of child stunting.
But, as you can see from the photos, it does not interfere with a mother's love, which proudly watches as her child is playing in a children's hospital in Hunan Changsha, China.

The first months after the birth of a girl was in intensive care at Children's Hospital Hemby Children's Hospital in the United States. But after doctors were convinced that Liang Xiaoxia life is not in danger, it is a normal healthy child was discharged home. There are no guarantees as to whether it will grow at least a little more, doctors can not give.

In the world at the moment is considered the smallest woman Jyoti Amge with 62, 8 centimeters tall. This record is registered Guinness Book of Records. If Liang Xiaoxia and will not "grow up" in the context of growth, it will have a good chance to take a place in the Guinness Book of Jyoti.


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