What can be done with balloons

Some interesting ideas about what can be done with balloons:

Update the vases for flowers

Surprise someone from close

One ball is also nice

When the water has melted, toss the balls back in the freezer and the whole business

Get your friends to work a little to find the venue party

Make of them toy drums

An additional advantage - they made a lot of noise

Arrange for children sharopad

In essence, this is a home version ...

Hang them photos

Or little men

Fill the balloon with confetti (best to use a funnel)

Fill the bowl with money and confetti

Insert them LED flashlights

Make just such a composition with flowers and balloons

Make a garland of fruit for children's holiday

Decorative strawberry

In cottage can be filled with non-toxic paint balls and arrange a fight

Use balls as a form for the manufacture of wicker lamps (this would require PVA glue, starch, water, any desirable colored pieces of twine, rope or thread, and LED lights or Christmas tree garland)

Make your child's costume for apple

Use the ball as a form in order to make a bowl of lace napkins (you only need a ball, napkin, starch and water)


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