Fans are ready to pay for the photo of the young Katy Perry $ 20,000

A few days ago appeared in a social network photo of a young Katy Perry. Photo to their page posted one user with the nickname ciphershort, then scans its pages have increased several times. The comments written so ciphershort:

"My roommate store photos in the memory of his girlfriend (Katy Perry). Tonight he shared a picture with me. »
The photo Kathy is not like the music diva, recalling the simple next-door girl with a guitar:

That is the picture

A day after the placement of the photo with ciphershort contacted an ardent fan of the singer, offered to buy the original $ 100. After the owner refused to photos, fan (whose name is kept secret) began to gradually increase the amount you're willing to pay for an early photo Cathy. Now the size of the sum of $ 20 000. But the owner of photos is gone on the defensive. Or this picture it is too expensive, or simply keeping silence. If the latter, there is a risk of overexposing ...

Now Katie is not reminiscent of the young little girl with a guitar


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