I bought wi-fi scales, quit his job and started living

Stop fucking procrastinating and do some fucking work! H4>
This is not what I heard from his boss (although sometimes deserves such treatment), and the name of one of the hundreds of books in catalog "Amazon", dedicated to the fight against procrastination.

Books and articles on anti-procrastination was so much that the authors did not know how to attract attention. A reading of this literature itself has become a form of procrastination. I have experienced it all on yourself. Some two years ago, I was no different from the thousands, if not millions of other unfortunates who have unsuccessfully tried to get rid of diseases of the head, putting a plantain leaf to the scrotum.

I was the guy who, once again missed the deadline of the statement, save your bookmarks another article on how to stop postpone the case until later. Blockquote>
None of these articles for some reason did not help.

No, they had a lot of practical advice, and some of them even showed me a temporary therapeutic effect, but sooner or later, everything is back to his circuits. And the problem was solved a lot easier. It was necessary to look for the best cure for procrastination, but simply to eliminate the conditions for its occurrence. To understand this, it took me a couple of years, as well as a small supply of determination and balance with wi-fi module.

The main work - vacation h4>
Two years ago I worked in the Russian office of Panasonic. And I in general liked it. Anyway, I thought so. (I'm thinking that just do not know how to deal with procrastination). I've always loved electronics, and I was pleased to realize themselves as part of a large company that produces a cool technique. Even if I did not develop iron, and doing it online promotion. However, sometimes even doing something cool, I always had to spend time on some nonsense.

I participated in formal meetings, preparing reports and meaningless attended some events that resemble Communist Party congresses. Blockquote>
Moreover, often I had to execute the order, which, in my opinion, were fundamentally wrong and did not cost a single minute of time spent on them. I tried to convince myself that there is always some kind of routine, but the world is not perfect - you just learn to deal with all this. Actually, only deeper in the mire of elm procrastination.

At some point, come to the point that the main event of my life began to leave. At first I was a long time to prepare for it by thinking in detail their perfect trip. And then judged the photos and remember the best moments - not yet switched to the preparation of a new trip.

So, probably, and I continued to suffer, if one does not come across in the network Withings body scale - the scale, which themselves send statistics to the Internet using a wi-fi connection.

I thought it was very cool and comfortable. It is not necessary to enter data manually to collect statistics - because most people who promise to myself to do it, throw in a week or two. I ordered a balance and even gave his blog reality show about how I'm losing weight. As a result, dropped fifteen kilograms. Thus began my introduction to the world of "Internet of Things". Soon I was hooked on "Kickstarter" and there has been funding projects, putting a hundred, two hundred dollars in new development, still not knowing what went on the road that will lead me through the looking glass.

lone hero h4>
By the time worked in the Panasonic over 5 years and studied the works of the company from the inside, I realized that such famous corporations hardly able to create innovative products.

Large companies because very koncervativny. They do not create new markets, and go to them when others have already paved track them (there are exceptions to the general rule, but few of them). Panasonic is spending huge amounts of money on research. But almost all of them are meant to improve existing products - sharpen the image of a TV panel or reduce the cost of any razor. At the same time the hero's single with "Kick" tried to do something truly innovative, worthwhile and useful that could really change people's lives. This world is not a joke I was fascinated, even despite the fact that a fifth of funded teams were dropping me and promised not releasing the product, while others produced a product that does not live up to expectations.

Создатели innovative dock promised that installed it will be possible to take the iPhone with one hand - and the dock will not budge. But he's a bastard, still jumps. Blockquote>
Despite the setbacks, the study of "Kick" was to bring me even more fun than thinking through the perfect vacation.

But I never thought that this passion will help to change my life, until I saw the проект heart rate monitor Mio ALPHA .

Its creators have promised to develop a watch that can measure heart rate, not bothered with the stretching of the sensor under the jersey. Just put it on hand - and run. That's when it hit me: in such a thing can be a good market in Russia. After running into fashion and the number of runners is increasing rapidly. You can earn! And I, without thinking twice, made his first major investment in new life and put in a heart rate of ten thousand dollars.

Group crazy h4>
I was the first to "Kick", who invested a large sum in Mio Alpha. And a startup founder Liz Dickinson immediately wrote me an enthusiastic letter - thank you for saying that he believed in us.

Yes please! I participated in the creation of Cleves product, and it allowed me to come to terms with reality, when I sat in the pants Panasonic at the next meeting of the mindless dedicated security protocols sites.

Soon I had already mastered the idea of ​​opening your own online store to sell gadgets from the world of "Internet of Things". Nemassovoy goods, and hence a large electronics chain will not sell them. And if they try, you will not be able to sell it properly, because for them it will be exotic. Competition from retailers like Le Futur, I, too, do not panic. They came to "Kick", and in my opinion, their business model is outdated, if any was ever relevant. But at the same time I was no longer any doubt that the "internet of things" in the coming years will be a great topic. You will see a huge new market, and the one who will take part in its creation, one way or another will be on horseback.

I agitated group of the same crazy, and together we launched Madrobots.ru , online store gadgets that can change our ideas about what can make the device if you connect them to the Internet.

The first year of the store was our secret work. In the afternoon we were carrying their corporate watch. Evenings and weekends gave his business. Blockquote>

And one day, I noticed a strange thing.

When it came to Madrobots, I without any secrets "to combat procrastination" did what was necessary. I am pleased to perform even the tasks that the work evokes me sad. I do not have to force yourself to do something. On the contrary, sometimes had to force myself not to do. To relax, spend time with family, or watch a movie. Such problems as procrastination, more for me did not exist - unless you call procrastination desire to postpone the rest for later.

Statement on the table h4>
Finals history was predetermined: I put a statement on the table.

Now Madrobots - this is my job. And in this job I did not postpone the case until later and do not force yourself to do something. I just do.

And every day I want to do more and more. I do not need an alarm clock to wake up (although, of course, on the hand, I always Pebble). But better than any alarm clock wakes me the joy of anticipation - in fact ahead of many tasks that both want to solve. Among them are interesting, and quite a lot of routine, but I am doing it with the same joy. Because there is an interesting goal - and I'm no one bothers to try to achieve it. It all depends on me, on my partners and colleagues with whom I work. We believe that Russia can not only sell smart gadgets, but also to create them. And we have a plan how to do it. And we Madrobots already started its implementation (as I will explain, perhaps, in another post).

In the end, I realized that the only way to compete with procrastination - is to find a business that you truly captivate. If you feel that you love their work and chose a suitable job, but you still have to struggle with procrastination, then something is fundamentally wrong.

Perhaps the problem is intolerable conditions in your office - Head-idiots, intrigues colleagues, bureaucratic routine, lack of daylight or uncomfortable working chair. Or maybe you're just cheating yourself, and really is not that I want to order what you do.

In this sense, procrastination - is not the enemy, as I once thought, but a friend.

This is such a valuable and a true friend that tells you the unpleasant truth: "Dude, you're at an impasse - and it's time to find a way out, if you do not want to wallow there until his death».

Stop fucking procrastinating. Just change your life.

Bonus. Five-minute video about how to overcome procrastination:

H5> // www.youtube.com/embed/mVWvF3KgLMg?wmode=opaque video>

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