Soviet glamor photographer Valery Plotnikov

No photo Valery Plotnikov can not do any one Soviet, if you can call it, a glossy magazine.

Valery carpenters born October 20, 1943 in the evacuation, and the autumn of 1945 he returned to his hometown. He studied at the Art School at the Academy of Fine Arts in the same class with Oleg Grigoriev, Mikhail Shemyakin, Yuri Rusakov. Then there was the Art Institute, the service in the Northern Fleet. Receipt of VGIK (A. Halperin). Practice in the picture A. Konchalovsky's "Noble Nest" and "Mama married" - directorial debut. And yet - after the VGIK in 1969 took up photography professionally. Known under the pseudonym of Petersburg, Valery. The first solo exhibition - in the "House of Cinema" in St. Petersburg in 1976. Today they are - more than half a!

sisters Vertinsky

Lyudmila Markovna very unusual in this photo

Andrei Makarevich

Peltzer and Abdulov beautiful sandals

Andrei Mironov

Parajanov and Lily Brik

Yuri Bogatyrev

Nikolai Eremenko

Vysotsky and M. Vlady

great blogger (no irony) Sadalsky and great photographer Plotnikov

Children Plotnikova - Xenia and Stepan with his mother Irina Sobinov-Kassil. Moscow, 1983. Photo V.Plotnikova. Irina Sobinov-Kassil - animator, working in puppet animation (m \ f "38 parrots", "Boatswain and parrot")



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