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Anyone who flies frequently on airplanes, probably seen a lot, but such passengers which will be discussed further is unlikely.

A Jew wrapped in cellophane in the photo below, the entire flight stayed in that position and as it turned out the package he pulled over, not because he wanted to protect itself from a woman sitting behind him, but for a different reason ...

Perhaps some of you know that the Israeli airline El Al does not once confronted with passengers-Jews who categorically opposed to sit next to women on the basis of their religious beliefs. There was even a case when a passenger sued the airline, saying that because of this protest persistently asked her to transfer to the back of the plane.

However, the citizen pulled the package for a different reason. The thing is that it belongs to the Jewish caste of priests Cohen, and representatives of this class are prohibited to go to the cemetery and, furthermore, even to fly over it so as not to become "unclean."

Airlines not once tried to ban the flying of such citizens in the packages, but the Jews, the Coens wanted to spit on the law and regularly violate it. Once, in 2002, he was even the case when the pilot turned the plane on the grounds that the passenger has refused to take off her bag.

Source: rasse1.livejournal.com


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