Museum of the History of household appliances (57 photos)

This museum was opened in a famous electronics store and home appliances.
Here are dozens of old televisions, receivers, tape recorders and other things that used to be considered truly a technological breakthrough.
Some signatures are missing, apparently the creators of the museum do not know the name of this type of technology.
Let's help them and leave comments right option.

TV KVN-49-4, serial production since 1953:

Radiola "Ural-112", 1974:

Radiola "Minsk-61»:

And that, apparently, "presets" "Equalizer»:

Receivers' Spidola "(1975) and" Sirius "(1993):

Overhead projector «Kodak»:

Cassette stereo tape "IL-303". Six batteries sit for a few hours:

Magnitoelektrofon "VEGA-119-STEREO»:

Incidentally, the inventor and industrialist Singer did not invent the sewing machine, and never claimed to be doing it. In 1850, when it became his first machine, there was already a number of models. He just perfected their design flaws, spending is 10 days, which made him a rich man later:

It is said that Singer was the first company in the history of the business, which has spent more than a million dollars a year on advertising:

Soviet vacuum cleaners give some form of space:

Vacuum cleaner "Whirlwind" recalls astronaut helmet:

Soviet film photographic technique is still popular in some circles of connoisseurs:

Author: In the center is the first in my life, compact Lomo camera. Then there was Change 8M and Zenit-E:

Stereo tape "COMET-225S-3" 1987:

Radio "URAL-AUTO-2»:

Now the recorder is in almost every phone:

Remember the first Polaroid?

Covers and cases for cameras - also another story:

The first mobile phones:

Diaproektor "Kiev-66". On such a child, I watched the filmstrips:

Even at the exhibition are painted refrigerators and TVs:


My first TV:



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