In the planetary system mysteriously disappeared gas-dust disk

Around a young star TYC 8241 2652 mysteriously disappeared for astronomers discovered in 2009, the dust disk, reported in the journal Nature.

This system is from our planet at a distance of 456 light years, and her age is 10 million years old (in our solar system - 4, 5 billion).

Recall that the dust disk around the star was discovered by infrared radiation, and its temperature was about 180 degrees Celsius.

According to the analysis of 2-year observations (2009-2011.), Authors of the new work found that the intensity of infrared radiation declined markedly - by several orders of magnitude, but is now explain the reasons scientists can not.

As a hypothesis suggests that this dust was formed in collisions of cosmic bodies (such as asteroids or planets), but then she settled on a star, or was "thrown out" of the system pressure light.

According to astronomers, the data can cause them to reconsider the currently existing ideas about the formation of planetary systems, since it is possible that the star TYC 8241 2652, scientists have observed is not some unique phenomenon, and one of the most important stages of the formation of planetary systems.


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