Scientists first found the ancient spider behind the attack

The new discovery scientists for the first time demonstrates the process of hunting ancient arachnids: in a piece of amber is clearly visible, like a spider in a web attacks jammed wasp, according to a press release from the University of Oregon.

And the spider and the wasp is a new species, which are referred to Geratonephila burmanica and Cascoscelio incassus respectively. Now paleozoologists have already prepared their description, which will be published in the journal Historical Biology.

According to experts, the find has an age ranging from 97 to 110 million years. Presumably wasp is a parasite and is likely to parasitize on arachnids.

In addition to the remains of the two animals, the scientists also found in amber remains of another spider G.burmanica. According to the researchers, this indicates the presence of spider in the distant past of social behavior.


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