On Mars discovered "detail" by an unknown mechanism

In one of the photographs taken by the rover Curiosity, quite clearly captures some strange shiny object, something resembling part of a mechanism.
Photo already done a lot of noise. Some users even compare it with any decoration, marked on the vehicle and the door handle.

Now you know exactly what it is - not part of the rover, but what it is, astronomers do not yet know. According to the NASA, it is just a normal piece of rock that the wind (or rather, wind erosion and the effects of sand) and took a look. As evidence provides another stone nearby, which also traces of erosion.

In addition, NASA has even released a special brochure that details what this object - an ordinary stone, exposed to the wind. But many users and experts do not agree with this explanation and speak about hiding the fact that there intelligent life on Mars in the present or in the past.


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