What is the most dangerous sport for spectators?
Let's start with the fact that the most dangerous sports for athletes identified (yes, I know it's not a question). Free immersion, speed skiing (the world's fastest sport with uncontrolled speed), jumps on the bull, single race yacht - but there was no word about the people who commute to work by bike during rush hour. Much more difficult to define sport, dangerous for spectators. Auto racing - this is an obvious candidate. For example, in 1955 in the race for the English Channel Mercedes off the road due to the deaths of 80 people, but now are used as tools to improve the safety of the pilot's death has become rare, not to mention the audience. It was decided to count the number of deaths per thousand viewers and thus rally and racing became the most dangerous, since attracted much less viewers than the Grand Prix. Again, if you count the number of participants in relation to the audience, then "rolling cheese" takes first place. "Tumbleweed cheese" - a competition held every year in Gloucester, looks massive - chetyrёhkilogrammovye cheese balls allowed the hill and try to catch up with them. Cheese rolling down, reaches a speed of 40 miles per hour and often falls into the crowd, causing them a lot of harm. One of my friends suggested that the most dangerous sport - cricket is because "you can die of boredom." It should be noted that it is a football reporter.


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