Facts about gazopuskanii


On average, one emission of gaseous waste products from the intestines contains
59 percent of nitrogen (nitro!)
21 percent hydrogen
9 percent of carbon dioxide
7 percent methane
4 percent oxygen
Less than 1 percent are the components that create an unpleasant odor.

The temperature of the gas at the time of "fire" is 98, 6 degrees Fahrenheit.

The rate of emission of gaseous waste products from the intestines of more than three meters per second.

Man produces about half a liter of gaseous waste products in the intestines day.

Women fart as much as men.

A gas which produces stench - hydrogen sulfide. The more you eat foods containing sulfur (eggs, garlic, onions, beans, cabbage, cheese), the more you "mess up the air".

Most people farts about 14 times a day.

People farts even after death.

The gas coming from the anus can actually ignite.

Farts all: turtles, fish, snakes and other reptiles, as well as dogs and cats.

Some environmentalists believe that the emission of gaseous waste products from the intestines causing irreparable damage to the environment. In particular, one of the causes of global warming - farts cows, according to some scientists. How to treat such claims - up to you, of course.

The French emperor Napoleon Bonaparte can not stand the writer Germain de Stael. Despite the unlimited power, the emperor could not do anything with it - to fight with a woman was, at first, not in its rules, and secondly, not just a man. Why did he hate her so? Historians offer a variety of explanations, but no reason not remembers a curious case, this will be the beginning of enmity.

One day, when Napoleon was still a brigadier general, some influential socialite lady sent him an invitation to "beautify your presence" One evening her salon. As stated in the invitation, this evening will present "only the most beautiful women of France." On the appointed evening, Napoleon was in the range of a dozen really fascinating creatures and one very ugly, masculine ladies. Madame de Stael - the so-called lady. Napoleon asked to tell about his exploits, and he did not skimp on the paint, set to work.

After a while, when the story reached its climax and all the emotional listener, mouths open, waiting for a spectacular finale, the unexpected happened. "... And then I shouted to his men:" Fire! "..." - Pathetically exclaimed Napoleon, and at this moment ... mannish woman, up to this point has shown little interest in the narrator, gave a loud and prolonged offensive sound. Everyone froze, and Madame de Stael said quietly:
- Oh, General! You have represented us so naturally this battle, I decided to join your soldiers.
Of course, all the ladies burst out laughing. All the efforts of Napoleon look like a hero in the eyes of the Parisian beauties in an instant were shattered one "shot" of Madame de Stael.
Well, tell me, then do not become the enemy of such a cynical person?

That break wind, or simply, indecent fart, everyone knows. In particular, if the terms of a crowd of people, and these people - not our friends or relatives. The last laugh and scold rather than indignant and condemn. A otsmeyavshis, still comforted by saying, "that is natural, then nebezobrazno" or - "still go ahead!».
Since ancient times, "blowing wind" in society was a sign of uncultured, low person. And this behavior in special high rank and esteem for all crimes. In the days of the Roman emperor Nero, "not spoiling audible air" in the presence of Caesar meant the loss of some privileges. For the "sound" - could go into exile or reduced to the ranks. (By the way, sounds bunch considered "aggravating circumstance" is not only the Roman emperors. Catherine II ordered his favorites of learning to let "whisperers" and not "doves." That is, fart silently.)
In Japan and the nations of the Middle East to the public farting treated more than bearable. It is known, for example, that Tamerlane, one of the most brutal rulers of the East, all life suffered from flatulence. And therefore, I must have been very lenient with those with whom happened to the same "bad luck." And also very harsh with those expressed on this even the slightest dissatisfaction.
It is said once to his tent brought two wealthy merchants. One of them, just going, immediately covered his nose with your fingers - so much proshibla his stinging stench, standing in the "imperial peace" (suffering flatulence, Tamerlan also had a passion for overheated rooms). "Do you think there is a bad smell?" - Asked him Tamerlane. "Frankly, oh, great, yeah!" - He replied. Tamerlane makes hand sign and the guard missing trader. A minute later, he cut off his head. "Well, you - refers to the second trader Tamerlane - also it seems that I smell bad?»
Answer "yes", then the same fate as the first dealer. Answer "no" means to lie, and for that, it may very well be followed by the same final. What to do? Fortunately, the second trader finds the right words: "I am afraid, oh great, I can not tell you either" yes "or" no "-" sad "Sighing, he says. - For three days, I had a cold and I was attacked zhutchayshy cold. So my nose is now absolutely nothing heard ».
This response laugh formidable conqueror and saved the life of resourceful trader.

Fast forward from medieval Asia to Europe. According to the written law of the time, noble knights were to refrain from "popping explosions and guns in the rear." Women are advised not to bend and not to deviate in the direction of the table, so no one thought that they spoil the air. Nuns also strictly forbidden to fart, not only for reasons of etiquette, but also because the fathers of the early Christian church believed that "blowing gases" tickling genitals and the more farts person, the more he is sexually concerned.
It is well known: the poorer the country, the easier customs. So rich Europeans traveling on Russian cities in the time of Peter, are discovering a lot of "horrific" facts. For example, a lot of trouble hit the custom of locals loud belch. But even more outraged travelers wont spoil the air while eating. At the stupor falls down a British traveler, who witnessed bunches "shootout" - right at the dinner table! - Between husband, wife (!) And their two sons for the right to enjoy a "delicacy" - pickled apples.
Foreign ambassadors no less surprised and mores, current perceptions in the royal chambers. So Peter, during the celebration of the victory of his army, in the royal garden has arranged a competition: who is the best "Russian otsalyutuet Victoria" - ie, the loudest puknet. Not in the least embarrassed, took part in the competition and the king himself. Behind him they were forced to repeat this "feat" and all his courtiers, and invited the ambassadors. After that, some people had to flee the noble society ... to change his pants. A palm - ten rubles - went, according to one of the contestants, "some workmen happened to be passing by and stopped to inquire what a new business started by his emperor».

But no one available at the disposal of Russian stomachs and stomach of excess air. Europeans themselves with a mustache. It was from Europe, or rather, from France, the fashion on the musical farts. This is a fun hobby mentions in one of his books, Salvador Dali.
A certain part of the body of one of his school friend one day discovered a clear musical ear. A friend of this, says Daly, "in order to make their art more refined and elegant, adapted basket ottsezhivaniya cheese, a bed in her slip of paper, sat down to bare ass and start spinning it, uttering at the same time sounds quite organic properties, vaguely reminiscent of the the sound of the flute. I must confess, the music came out not too harmonious, and modulation were very clumsy ... ».
But at a certain Monsieur Puzho, a contemporary of Dalí, the music was excellent. In any case, he collected a full house in the Parisian "Moulin Rouge", a virtuoso performing on his "instrument", "La Marseillaise" and "Radetzky March».
If "Music Divertimenti" were popular mainly in the artistic environment, among the peasants and workers were in fashion konkursy- "fire." Their conditions were simple: who turned fart louder and more interesting, and received the prize. Consider all: one sound is longer, louder, higher-pitched. And if all these indicators appear similar, the set-off was the smell. On the victory he could count only the most poisonous "zilch". Unfortunately, as noted by some historians, this popular Olympic sport did not become.

Our "exhaust", as it turns out, is very flammable. American gastroenterologist Michael Lyuitt recorded several cases of inflammation of intestinal gas. When this flame up to 25 cm or more. So it is no joke: a bunch! Whet ..! .. Zhzhah !!! Explodes and burns with a blue flame. For that is the language of the tender gastroenterologists known as "Blue Angel».
Few people know that the Belarusian partisans during World War II used the "blue angel" ... as a weapon of mass destruction. Find out what the German soldiers the night before fed cabbage or peas for a major combat operation, one needed a well-aimed partisan. The problem posed is this: at night, before dawn, to get close to the barracks and throw a grenade in the window. It was enough to destroy an entire company of soldiers. And no wonder: the impact of striking a grenade in a well "napukannom 'premises increased ten times.

Who of us do not ever worry flour caused by intestinal gas treacherous desire to break out in an environment that is perfect for this are not suitable? And, it can be assumed, this struggle is not always ended in our favor. As a rule, after public "firing" jokes are heard not by the "gunners", and from the audience. But sometimes, among the "shooters" are also those fellows who manages not only to save face, but also applause.
There is a saying: "a bunch" - a stray "IR". Once a French philosopher Saint Evremonom occurred unpleasant story. During the conversation with the young beauty, with whom he was in love, and that, in turn, for something to be angry at him, he suddenly bent down and badly ... with a characteristic bang let "dove." However, once he found, and told his slightly bewildered lady:
Seeing your favor,
At the heart of accumulated grief,
Sighs clenched his chest.
So weird eh, that one breath,
Not daring to break away from the mouth,
Another found his way?
French philosopher saved the situation thanks to his wit. But far more complex binder was once Russian opera singer Feodor Chaliapin.

Once in Italy, during a performance of "Boris Godunov", Chaliapin, who plays Godunov, sitting in a chair, suddenly he missed and plopped a soft spot on the floor. In this first series of the audience heard a suspicious crackling ...
The next day, the Italian reporters surrounded Chaliapin: "Maestro, what it was - a little artistic prank or is it you, excuse me, his pants torn?" - "Come tomorrow to the show - know" - mysteriously meets Russian artist. This response reprint all the newspapers. And the next performance. All viewers can not wait scandalous scene. And when it's her turn, a great artist - has clearly deliberately! - Again overshoot chair flops on the floor and ... clearly and loudly air port. The first few seconds of the whole room freezes on the breath, and then ... And then makes a noisy breath, "bra-and-in !!!" And - hear applause.
It is interesting that at the next presentation Chaliapin repeated his "feat", having broken even more applause and cries of "bravo." This Shalyapin "exploits" are over.
"In Russia we say:" that more than three, it too, "- he explained to reporters. - Everything is good in moderation ».
Despite this, for another whole month during the scene when actor "found himself" in a chair and play continued without unintended improvisations in the hall resounded light hum disenchanted public.


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