Impressive colored stripes on the walls of the quarries, gorges and mountain slopes are due to the presence of minerals in the rock - copper (red, orange), iron (green, blue), manganese (black), lime (white)
The most abundant element in the universe - hydrogen, followed by helium
Mercury is no mercury (mercury - mercury in English), a large part of the planet consists of iron
Cans are made of iron, covered with a thin layer of tin to prevent corrosion
Rusty iron weighs more than nerzhavoe, since iron oxide is heavier than iron
Some smoke detectors and measuring instruments used synthetic radioactive element americium
In some toothpastes anticaries effect associated with the presence of tin as stannous fluoride
The most "used" in the world of metals - iron, aluminum, copper
Chemical element astatine got its name from the Greek word astatos (unstable) due to its instability.


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