The artist, who loved Amelie

I'm sure many saw the film "Amelie", but did not know that some strange things and amazing pictures in her little room with a carved window Belenky were created by the artist Michael Owl.

Lady with a fly

Shoals of fish

Owl paints for children's and adult books, creates collages of promotional products. Owl - a regular contributor to the satirical publication «Titanic», as well as an employee of the notorious «New Yorker». Born in 1945, he graduated from the Academy of Arts in Berlin, and then some time teaching.

Cat and Dog

Rabbit in the mirror

The main difference between the Owl is that it creates a world of animals on a par with the world of men. In his paintings all the animals there are on a par with the citizens. There are restaurants, ride bicycles. Like other images, but there is in them something mysterious ghostly.


Michael Owl (which is his real name) took the pseudonym Heinz Obein. He prefers to call "swine artist" because it favors funny pigs. They often he paints with pleasure. Michael graduated from the Academy of Arts in Berlin, in the same place and taught.

Bon appetit

The jump into the future

Happy Easter!


Digital technology

Man-table fish




Why Amelie preferred Owl? Because for all its childishness, he surprisingly adult. And it makes us think, but do not strain because of the meaning of life.

Still from the film "Amelie" with Audrey Tautou


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