The first aircraft carriers

Here you will learn about the first steps to establish a naval aviation aircraft carrier.
Start with:
1. The cruiser USS Birmingham
2. The airplane design Glenn Curtis.
3. Wooden platform.
"Birmingham" before the start of the experiment:

It happened on November 14, 1910.

One official from the Ministry of the Navy saw at the circus show in Belmont (New York) airplane running Eugene Ely was shocked to suddenly fall, his idea: what will happen when you cross a horse and quivering doe?

Told to do ... On the "Birmingham" ship platform itself airplane (ship visible in the background):

Front view:

Note the slope platform ... not backward, and vpered.

Let's go!

What is most interesting, the experience was quite successful: the airplane crashed and drowned (although the water at the start and hooked), and flew as much as two miles, stayed in the air for five minutes.

A few months later (January 18, 1911) it was decided to continue. For experiments at this time have a bigger ship - Pacific Fleet cruiser "Pennsylvania." Previous mistakes and take into account the flight deck made bigger and longer, and found not to bow and the stern.

As expected, all turned out well: first, Eli, starting from the shore, landed on the flight deck of "Pennsylvania", and then took off with nee.


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