Selection of hybrids with lions tigers and leopards.

Selection of hybrids with lions tigers and leopards. There are just outside the wilderness, as in some zoos due to lack of various kinds of places are placed in a single cell, and ... Well, look at the pictures

Let's start with Leagrove.

Liger - the offspring of a lion and a tigress. Spots and Stripes inherited from daddy-lion, not as bright as his (small cubs spotted) .

Some Ligers have lion's mane, but smaller than the lions. Of tiger habits - love for water and swimming skills, growl as more like a lion. Usually weigh more lions. Leagrove males are sterile, so bring them in separate breed is not yet vozmozhnosti.

Tigony much more rare and is a result of the difficult crossing of the tiger and lioness. Often die during childbirth. Usually less than their parents. Can not be razvedeniyu.


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