Selection of hybrids with lions tigers and leopards.

Selection of hybrids with lions tigers and leopards. There are just outside the wilderness, as in some zoos due to lack of various kinds of places are placed in a single cell, and ... Well, look at the pictures

Let's start with Leagrove.

Liger - the offspring of a lion and a tigress. Spots and Stripes inherited from daddy-lion, not as bright as his (small cubs spotted) .

Some Ligers have lion's mane, but smaller than the lions. Of tiger habits - love for water and swimming skills, growl as more like a lion. Usually weigh more lions. Leagrove males are sterile, so bring them in separate breed is not yet vozmozhnosti.

Tigony much more rare and is a result of the difficult crossing of the tiger and lioness. Often die during childbirth. Usually less than their parents. Can not be razvedeniyu.

Leopon - a cross between lions and leopards. Usually larger than leopards, but less lvov.

Also nowadays widely practiced crossing wild cats with normal household Murka for breeding hybrid rocks that resemble wild beasts, but the nature of the character more like ordinary domestic cats and Godyaev the role of pets.

Savannah - a breed of domestic cats, bred by mating the usual cats and African serval. Although in itself serval also suitable for holding in the home (almost the only big cat, fully amenable to domestication). About Serval I mentioned in this collection of videos (below in the form of links). Cat breed Savannah:

In Russia, are not common, the price is quite biting - from $ 4000.

Serval - here:

Toyger - an attempt to breed with color, resembling a tiger. Tiger blood nothing to do with - the breed has its origin from the Bengal cats. At the moment the only breed becomes common. Pricing and availability of kittens in Russia nothing nashёl.

Bengal cat - a cross between domestic and Asian leopard cats. Asian leopard cat does not represent anything extraordinary in terms of size, but is nevertheless a separate species of wild cats. Price kitten - from $ 1500.

Usher - pretty famous designer hybrid breed, which I wrote, and not just me. Hybrid domestic cat, serval and Asian leopard cat. Throws some desk in South Africa, prices - pyatiznachnye.


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