Abyssinian cats - shorthair medium size with muscular and
amazingly beautiful hair. Abyssinia have good posture and very expressive, large
ears, almond-shaped eyes green, amber or yellow.

Wool with modern Abyssinian (hair has 2-3 bands of different colors), shimmers, but does not have a clear
drawing (the result of breeders: More 50 years ago ago, many Abyssinians had this picture). Cat-back is much darker, while the chest, the inside of the legs and belly light (here prevails
cream, caramel and peach color).

Abyssinian cats - one of the oldest natural breeds of cats. It is believed that they were in Egypt
or Abyssinia (Ethiopia) and have a striking similarity with the images and sculptures of cats, which
worshiped by the ancient Egyptians.

American Curl. The unusual shape of the ears, bent back and obramalennyh fluffy wool ... funny looks


Bengal cat - the result of a successful crossing of a domestic cat and a wild Bengal leopard cat. Who wants to have a little leopardika at home?

Devon Rex - an unusual breed, with a mind like an elf of the cat world, besides the special features of curly hair (hence the title is the word Rex) If you look at it on the same pictures can be clearly seen


Cornish Rex - another curly kitten

Kuril bobteyl. Without panikki he did not cut off the tail, just a short-tailed breed

La Perm - most curly cat

Munchkin - amazing breed korotkolapyh cats, cat dachshund

Maine Coon - the largest breed of domestic cats. Can weigh up to 15 kg !!!

Mekong bobteyl - taillessness Siam

Norwegian Forest Cat - ofigenskaya fluffy fold

Oriental cat

Ocicat. What about home mini-tiger?

Pearce - well, I think everyone saw

Russian Blue - Beauty

Selkrik Rex as lamb

Burmese with beautiful color

Turkish Angora

And finally, a toy tiger - Toyger

Here they are varied and wonderful. All different in character, the length of wool, size but they are all so cool


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