Shaggy Princess


My name is Lucien, at the prime Lucy)) 8 years, girl
Appeared in our banal way. In the couple at work in the sanatorium lambing their
local cat. Well, she brought home a kitten, still very tiny.
Over time, increased is such a cat with manners pryntsessa))
Well jokingly inviting her yard intelligentsia))


He just Auburn - unfortunately already passed their 9 lives. A brazen red furry muzzle until the summer homes in the country - on Saturday I'll go pick up. He does not have one of the canine and the second (the photo shows) sticks out like Baba Yaga.


Chihuahua dog named Molly. About it can talk endlessly, she is very smart, and just can not stand being alone. Example: The photograph is a dog on the balcony was closed, and she silёnkami all their hind legs trying to open the door, well, who would have thought of this before?

The following picture eaten Molkov toy fish, followed by Molly, sorry, cocoa shit packed in sintepon (a la sinteponovye "sausages»)

Photo 3 is made when the "nice" Molly greeted us after going to the cafe

And finally, my cat, nicknamed "Mistigri" in common "Mouse", Persian, phlegmatic, at least in a knot tie up, not potsarapet. But it is very fond of the night turn the radio on all cylinders, or sleep on a neat plate with dinner)


Cat is called Watson loves cream cheese and chips, gets all the boxes and packages that are in range. Sleeps 23 hours a day, rest of the time is spent on food, pot and myavkane flies =)
NEzhnoe creation, kinda, but cowardly.

p.s. And finally a few words from the author of the post. Many thanks to all who responded to the invitation. If for some reason your pet is not ranked in the post, add photos to your comment.
That's my


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