Giant crocodile

The day before yesterday the inhabitants of the Philippine town Bunavan finally got rid of huge reptiles, keep them at bay for several months. In early August, a crocodile ate buffalo and, most likely, a fisherman went missing in July.

The mayor of the city called Crocodile Hunter because he could not let the people of his city were in danger. Within three weeks of hunters stalking predatory reptile. Several traps crocodile defeated. Then were made more robust traps from steel cables. In one of them and got a giant. Size of the animal is really outstanding: length 6, 4 meters, weight 1,075 pounds.

Hard work to pull out of the swamp crocodile hippo. Several dozen residents were dragging him from the river to the clearing where the crane loaded his truck. From the words of the mayor, the reptile was taken to a special cell to the site Ecopark. Will make him a star.

Residents Bunavana happy to capture a dangerous animal, but to walk on the river are still afraid. And suddenly he was not the only one?


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