Means of Internet pirates

Way to combat piracy in the global network proposed by Russian President Dmitry Medvedev. In his opinion, the responsibility for posting on the Internet illegal content site owners should be held and the domain names, not the usual polzovateli.

his vision of the problem formulated by the head of state in a letter to leaders of the - member "Big Twenty." According to Medvedev, to replace the old, outdated rules of copyright protection, adopted many years ago, long before the advent of modern digital technologies, should come new concept of use and protection of the results of creative activity.

It is also the responsibility of the state to establish a certain level of legal protection of copyright in the global network and to provide holders a choice of several models of protection of their works.

In addition, the proposed introduction of a presumption that the use of copyright and related rights in the Internet is considered to be free, if the copyright holder notifies advance to the contrary. At the same time some minimum level of protection that does not require application owner, still has to be installed.

With regard to liability for copyright infringement on the Internet, you do not have to carry her regular users, and those that host illegal content, including telecom operators, owners of Internet sites and domain names.

"I am convinced that such an approach will allow to find the right answers to the new challenges faced by the intellectual property system as a result of rapid changes in technology and information fields, and therefore deserve a thorough discussion in the relevant international fora»,
- Quoted text message website of the President of Russia.


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