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01 Francis Drake. More - under the cut.

famous pirate of the XVI century, who was born in England, the family priest. Francis began his brilliant career as a marine undermining conventional cabin boy on a small merchant ship. It was there that he acquired most of his captain's skills. Within 10 years, approximately in 1670 he commanded his own ship, which got it from the old captain. During one of the pirate expeditions organized with the blessing of the Queen, Drake managed to save his ship and crew, cast him out of the trap. The remaining five ships that were with him, let him down. Drake became famous for his cruelty and benevolence to his fortune. An interesting feature of this captain was that he always sought not only to plunder a little more, but simply to go where no man's gone before.
Many sailors were grateful to Drake for the fact that he made a lot of corrections on the world map of the time.

With the approval of Queen Elizabeth Drake was sent to a secret expedition to South America. This expedition has brought great success. Drake has managed to build its so clever maneuvers, he managed to travel around the world before you get back home. Profits from this campaign was simply unprecedented - over half a million pounds! It is equal to 2 to the annual budget of the entire state. Right aboard Drake was knighted - it was an unprecedented case, which has no analogues in the longer history. At the end of the 16th century, Francis reached the apogee of its greatness, leaving a solid mark in the defeat of the "invincible armada". Subsequent travels Francis was already not so lucky. During one of the trips to the shores of America, he contracted dengue fever and died.

Henry Morgan

the most famous and is famous pirate. It is famous, above all, not even as a pirate, but as a great military leader and politician. Its main merit was that he helped England to seize control of the entire Caribbean.
Since childhood, Henry played in a sort besёnok who climbed out after 20 years of life. In just a few years, he managed to get in slavery, to put together their own gang of thugs and get your own ship, with, of course, robbing countless people.

Coming under the leadership of the queen, Morgan began tirelessly to ruin the Spanish colonies, and, be honest, he's very good at it. Several years of such extraordinary activity has led to the fact that the name of Morgan knew literally everything and everywhere. Then he suddenly got married, I bought a house and seemingly posmirnel. But there it was! Morgan first realized that much more profitable to capture coastal city and secured there, than to plunder the high seas. For example, on the way to one of the cities, Morgan decided to make a syllogism. Pirates took the biggest ship to the top of his stuffed with gunpowder, and sent at dusk to the Spanish port. He exploded, he has made such a commotion that the pirates no big deal to take the town, destroying the entire fleet due to the effect of surprise.

At the storming of Panama, Morgan risked spending his army to bypass the city in order to make an attack from the land. Surprisingly, the maneuver was a success, and the city was captured. Morgan's whole life passed in such a frantic pace pirate, with all the charms of this activity. But in the old seasoned pirate it was already wrong. He died of cirrhosis of the liver, and was buried as a nobleman, then cemetery where the ashes lay Morgan blown away.

Bartholomew Roberts

was one of the most successful pirates, he captured more than 400 ships captured a booty worth over £ 50 million - and all this for two half years. At the same time Bart was a very educated man and dandy, wore exquisite clothes: a rich dark red waistcoat and breeches, a hat with a red feather and diamond cross hanging on a gold chain, did not drink alcohol, punished for drunkenness his sailors. In fact, Bartholomew, nicknamed the "Black Bart", was very successful Henry Morgan - because Morgan was a privateer, while Roberts will never cooperate with the government.

John Roberts was born in 1682 (?) In the town of Haverfordvest, South Wales. His naval career, he began the third mate on rabotorgovom ship, and it was his duty to ensure the safety of "cargo". Ironically, Roberts himself was captured and he became a slave, but he managed to woo Captain Howell Davis, seized their ship captured, and he agreed to take him in my team. In June 1719 Roberts led a team - after Davis was killed in an attempt to capture Fort Principe, located on the coast of Guinea. The first step in retaliation Roberts leveled the captured town, and then poisoned himself into the sea, where he took several merchant ships. Not content extraction off the coast of Africa, at the beginning of 1720 Roberts went to the Caribbean Sea. The fame of the lucky new pirate ship ahead of Roberts - by the time of his arrival to the islands of the Devil all merchant vessels preferred to take refuge under the protection of the guns of coastal forts. Deciding to look for luck in other waters, Roberts went to the north, where it is profitable to sell the goods seized off the coast of Guinea. Summer 1720 was also very successful - Roberts took a lot of ships, including - 22 ships in the bay.

Occupation filibuster did not prevent Black Bart to be a devout man who fervently indulged prayers in between the robbery and murder. He did not drink, but that it belongs to the invention cruel penalty when a prisoner blindfolded, pushed the board thrown over board. The team was ready to go for Roberts anywhere, heaven or hell, and believed his captain. The reason for this belief was simple - Black Bart luck. At various times, under his command were from 7 to 20 pirate ships. Their teams of runaway slaves and criminals of various nationalities called themselves the "House of Lords". Name Bart terrifying across the Atlantic Ocean.

Edward Teach

more recognizable in his circle as the Blackbeard. Because of this beard, by the way, Ticha felt terrible monster. The sources his name is mentioned in the time of his maturity, when he became a famous pirate. His view is really catching up on the horror on the people. His beard covered his whole face, and the nature of it, by the way, was a match for his appearance. The courage and audacity of this man inspired boundless respect for him other pirates. Undaunted Tyche in 1716, finally gets command of the ship. Sailed for a few years, he managed to grab a great French ship, which became his property. He called it "Queen Anne's Revenge."

Robberies and theft pirates Ticha continued. Maneuvering in the area of ​​Jamaica, he always picked up more and more new pirates, more and more ships fell under the power of Blackbeard. A few times famous pirate was under threat of death, but he was always lucky, and he honorably out of any, even the most hopeless situations. However, in 1717 by the head of the team of pirates and Ticha himself the Queen of England was scheduled fee. He warned the governor himself, but did not believe it Tich, so special measures are not taken.

All pirate Blackbeard was known that the buried treasure somewhere on a desert island. However, where - no, of course not known. Attempts to elicit at Ticha location of the treasure, he always answered very tough.
The decisive battle for Ticha became Lieutenant Maynard, which is November 22, 1718 attacked him. The fight ended with the death of Ticha, and it is impossible to put into words all the relief to which the whole world sighed when he heard about the death of this terrible man.



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