Jungle cat easily tamed

Jungle cat (sometimes called swamp trot and house) - is a cat with a body size of 80 cm and weighing up to 20 kg of gray-brown color with a reddish tinge on high legs with little tassels on the ears and three dark rings on hvoste.
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Jungle cat - a predator of the cat family and is nocturnal, it feeds exclusively on birds, including fishing (pheasants, ducks) than does great harm. There are attacks on larger animals - small deer.

Jungle cat and many willingly swims, dives - fishing, diving face into the water and grabbing her teeth.

The owners claim that the jungle cat has webbed fingers of forepaws. (not confirmed)

Meows jungle cat as well as pet cat, but much louder and lower.

Jungle cat is well adapted to living in reed thickets and prickly bushes at low banks of rivers, lakes and seas. In such a thicket he found on the west coast of the Caspian Sea. More common in the Caucasus, in the Near East and Asia Minor, Central Asia before, Indochina and South-West China and South Africa.

During the rut, even a threat to humans, although in fairness it must be said that the cat does not show aggression and to seek to withdraw from human contact. A case when the cat attacked the girl.

Jungle cat is listed in the Red Book of Russia

Jungle cat is easily tamed and came to the man little kitten, it is the same hand as pets

Depending on the different habitats and color fur predator. In South Asia, in its coloration dominated by reddish-brown shades, while the representatives of Africa and Central Asia coat color gray or yellowish, and in winter is very thick.

At first glance, the animal looks uniform color, but upon closer inspection you can see the blurred image. It is noteworthy that newborn kittens have a clear striped pattern on the fur.

Mating takes place in February - March and is usually accompanied by loud cries for cats males. Pregnancy lasts about 66 days. In May, born from 2 to 5 pups. Eighteen months later, they reach sexual maturity.

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