NASA satellite to obtain detailed images of places fall GRAIL probes on the Moon

On the 44th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference, held March 19, 2013, astronomers announced that the lunar satellite NASA managed to fix the crash site (craters) probes GRAIL (Gravity Recovery and Interior Laboratory), transmits
Recall that both the probe crashed into the lunar surface in December last year, and the first images of craters scientists have received in January, but later (February 28) were obtained more detailed photos, which allowed for a topographic map of the crash site. As it turned out, the distance between the craters was 2, 2 kilometers.

Scientists note that the photographs craters are darker than the surrounding area (usually fresh craters on the moon light). This is due to the fact, experts say that among the ejected material there are the remains of the probes themselves, for example, carbon fiber body or remains of fuel.

Note that the LRO satellite failed to capture the moment of the crash probe, but ultraviolet spectrograph analyzed clouds of dust trapped in the rays of sunlight. As it turned out, these emissions generated as a result of the fall, contains atomic hydrogen and mercury.

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