The researchers filmed on video work of brain neurons fish

American scientists from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute were able to get a series of shots, which show the activity of certain neurons in the brain of aquarium fish, writes Nature.
In their study, the researchers worked with genetically modified fish zebrafish. That changes in genes and allowed to capture triggering neurons. In particular, neurons derived from fishes produce a protein which changes depending on the concentration of calcium ions (indication of neural activity) become fluorescent (luminous).

Note also that scientists are not randomly chosen for their work zebrafish. The fact that the bodies of their embryos at maturity are transparent.

According to experts, this is the first time that work simultaneously managed to capture 80% of the neurons of the spinal cord.

The study's authors believe that this quality imaging will allow scientists to better understand the processes that occur in the brain during life activity fish - movement, visual and olfactory perception, as well as training.


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