Platinum MacBook Air Supreme Ice Edition

Perhaps no one technique does not use such a demand among manufacturers of exclusive items, like the products Apple. Gadgets from Cupertino is decorated with rhinestones, precious metals and stones. Another in a long list creation - MacBook Air Supreme Ice Edition of well-known to our readers of the British jeweler Stuart Hughes. "Apple" on the front cover is lined with 53 diamonds, weighing a total of 25, 5 carats, and the lid itself is made from a single piece of polished platinum. The bottom of the laptop is made of polished aluminum. However, use of such amount of precious metals is not well reflected in the title of your computer. Platinum casing weighs 2, 5 kilos, while the weight of a conventional MacBook Air is 1, 36 kg. The cost of a luxury device equals 139,995 pounds. Results will be produced only 10 such notebooks.


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