Lufthansa first class upgrades

Lufthansa behind British Airways and Air France took the first class upgrade salons. The presentation will take place this month, exactly, in time for the FIFA world cup. The first will test the most luxurious interior athletes of the national team of Germany, who will travel to South Africa on the flagship A380 airline. In the design of the new First Class a polished wood, leather beige and brown colors. By uvterzhdeniyu representatives of Lufthansa, interiors reminiscent of "registration of private planes and luxury cars." The menu for the first class of Michelin chef Holger Stromberg, chef of the German national team. European airlines are now actively engaged in updating the first class cabin. Thus, British Airways in February spent on these purposes 100 million. Pounds. Now the first class passengers with a personal wardrobe and electric shutters. Behind them, Air France gave customers the opportunity to admire the expensive art in a small art gallery on board the aircraft, as well as quite utilitarian dressing room.


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