Qatar Airways flight attendant named the most stylish

most stylish stewardesses were recognized employee airline Qatar Airways. Study of aesthetic preferences of travelers spent the site Skyscanner, having arranged a vote among its users. In the top ten and was the Russian company "Aeroflot". Appearance stewardesses air carriers have always paid attention. Italy was among the first decided to bring a professional designer to design uniforms for the employees of the national carrier. At the beginning of the 1990s. Giorgio Armani created the costumes for Alitalia, which caused a storm of criticism. Designer Julien MacDonald from Wales in 2004 decided to save the image of British Airways, whose workers looked too "old-fashioned". In 2005, the French airline Air France commissioned Christian Lacroix to create a wardrobe for their flight crews. Fashion designer Richard Tyler from Los Angeles to present their developments for Delta Airlines at the New York Fashion Week in 2005. Adolfo Dominguez Spanish designer whose clothes is Gwyneth Paltrow, as a symbol of Iberia Airlines flight attendants bright skirt. Despite the efforts, the passengers do not always appreciate the results of the works of designers. According to the survey, the most stylish crews at Qatar Airways, costing without attracting big names. A recent re-branding of "Aeroflot" passengers liked - Russian company was on the eighth line of the rating. Fully list of the most stylish airlines as follows: Qatar Airways Air France British Airways Iberia Alitalia SAS Delta Jet Airways Lufthansa Aeroflot


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