Louis Vuitton has created a case

Louis Vuitton has created a case to transport the main trophy of the upcoming World Cup in South Africa. FIFA Cup will travel in an exclusive hand-bag, the creation of which the three masters of the fashion house took more than 100 hours of work. Since its introduction in 1930, the World Cup has become one of the most prestigious awards of the world. But all the while he was traveling in an armored metal box. Now, thanks to Louis Vuitton he will "odezhka" appropriate level of reward. How to assure the representatives of Louis Vuitton, for the safety of the trophy should not worry. "I do not understand why the elegance can not coexist with security?" - Asks a rhetorical question a spokesman for the brand Antoine Arnault. The presentation of new items entrusted to Naomi Campbell. Supermodel gave the cup to hold only with gloves - according to tradition, no one supposed to touch the trophy, in addition to the winners. "This cup has become a symbol for children around the world, their hopes and dreams can become a reality; and the blood, sweat and tears that have to be shed for the sake of getting it, are admirable, "- shared his thoughts" Black Panther. "


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