Boris Berezovsky ordered to pay £ 6 million

Boris Berezovsky lost in court on the suit yacht broker Edmiston and now has to pay a commission for the sale of his ship Darius. Oligarch found it role of a broker in the transaction void and for a long time refused to pay the commission. In 2008, Boris Berezovsky because of financial difficulties decided to sell the unfinished 110-meter yacht Darius (now it is called Radiant), which at that time was on the stocks in Germany. Then he turned to the yacht broker Nicholas Edmiston. Broker led to a millionaire Russian businessman from Dubai, Abdullah al-Futaima. And then the buyer and seller have agreed to ship without the mediator. The yacht was sold for 240 mln. Euros. Judge of the High Court in London ruled Justice Field, according to which the company is successful Edmiston made a deal to sell the yacht. And now the Russian businessman is obliged to pay a fee of 6 million. Pounds. Note that the broker insisted on payment of 10% of the transaction, which amounted to 24 million. Euros - more than three times more than has been achieved by the court. But it seems that all parties are satisfied with the verdict. "It is very sad that we had to go to court to resolve the issue - said the outcome of the case, Nicholas Edmiston. - However, we are pleased that the court confirmed the pivotal role we played in the sale of Darius ». Boris Berezovsky does not intend to appeal against the court's decision.


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