Death in a foreign country

From London came the news of the death of Boris Berezovsky - a man who represents a whole epoch of Russian capitalism. Your relationship with him, as the first decade of the Russian Federation, it is ambiguous. However, the fact that Berezovsky was a genius of his era - whether evil, whether good - no one questioned. The first reports of the death of Mr. Berezovsky, are controversial. According to Demyan Kudryavtsev, a businessman died in London at 11 pm local time, he had no signs of violent death. At the same lawyer Dobrovinsky wrote that Berezovsky allegedly committed suicide. However, this information has not been confirmed by other sources. Berezovsky left Russia in 2000, shortly after the appearance of information on the intentions of the investigation to charge him in the so-called "Aeroflot case" about the theft of public funds. The businessman claimed that the reason for the institution of proceedings was a conflict with Putin. In 2003, he was granted political asylum in the UK and a new name - Platon Elenin. Apparently, in the wake of expected changes triumphant return to Russia as the owner of the alias consonant in 1917. These plans did not come true. They say that, by the end of days, Mr. Berezovsky has realized the futility of their hopes. A spokesman for the Russian president, Dmitry Peskov, said that the disgraced oligarch Vladimir Putin asked for forgiveness. According to unconfirmed reports, "postman", reports a petition by Roman Abramovich. Reconciliation of the parties did not happen. It now remains to wonder whether it was the result of the intervention of higher powers, or should look for the hand of flesh and blood.


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