Twice a stolen Van Gogh


From the Mahmoud Khalil museum in Cairo stolen painting by Vincent Van Gogh titled "Poppies". The cost of the work is estimated at $ 50 million. The painting becomes the target of robbers for the second time. It has taken away from the museum in 1978, but then managed to find the canvas after two years in Kuwait. Attorney General Abdel Meguid Mahmoud said that unknown attackers cut the canvas from the frame, and it happened in the morning, shortly after the opening of the museum. Abduction, according to the prosecutor, was made possible because of "weak and imaginary" security of the museum. Of the 43 CCTV cameras worked only 7 alarm was in working order. Shortly after the robbery, the Minister of Culture Farouk Hosny of Egypt made a statement that the stolen painting from the museum found. Allegedly, at the Cairo airport arrested two Italians, a man and a woman who tried with the blade to leave the country. Later the minister had to deny his words. Egyptian museum workers should take care to protect their exhibits. They still remain a lot of paintings of interest to shady dealers of the art market. Exposure founded in 1962 Mahmoud Khalil Museum includes 208 works of art. These are mainly paintings by European artists XIX-XX centuries. In particular, the museum houses works by Paul Gauguin, Auguste Renoir, Claude Monet.


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