The Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong - the tallest hotel in the world

Network The Ritz-Carlton last week opened goodies in Hong Kong, claiming the title of the high-rise hotel on the planet. The Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong occupies the last floor 488-meter skyscraper in International Commerce. Thanks Vysk position of the hotel, from the rooms a spectacular panorama of the famous Victoria Harbour. The Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong in addition to the title of the highest hotel, and became one of the most expensive in the world. Accommodation in "deluxe" lodger will cost 6,000 Hong Kong dollars ($ 770), and the presidential suite - 100 000 ($ 12 850). The cost of the standard rooms in honor of the beginning of 3888 ($ 500). Guests are six restaurants with varied cuisine, the club, "Chocolate Library" for a sweet tooth, a spa and a gym.


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