Middleton Family acquired the emblem

Surname Middleton, rock royal birth, to become a full British aristocratic family. To make it all as it should be nobles, the head of the family of Michael Middleton ordered for the wedding of his daughter make a family coat of arms. On the red-white sign in the form of a heraldic Rhombus depicts three oak branches with acorns personifying England and three children Middleton. Gold Chevron - sign Goldsmith, mother's maiden name is Catherine. White thin chevrons are explained as something ridiculous, saying that the mountain is, as the whole family Middleton loves skiing. When Kate and Prince William were married, of the elements of the coat of arms coat of arms of the prince and Middleton will create a new symbol, which will be the sign of a new family. According to court heralds the family Middleton with great interest engaged in inventing his coat of arms. And here is another ancient tradition, Kate decided to break. From the solemn wedding vows removed the phrase that in married life Katerina will obey her husband. The Archbishop of Canterbury has not objected to such a modernization of the traditional wedding vows.


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