You smell like new books

Karl Lagerfeld came up with a new perfume, smelling like a freshly printed book. In addition to fashion, Lagerfeld is an avid bookworms. His personal library has collected more than 300 000 different editions. Lagerfldu also owns a publishing house Edition 7L 7L and shop on Rue Lille in Paris. Couturier decided to combine his two passions - the style, and the book - one: perfume Paper Passion. On a new fragrance designer is working with Berlin perfumer Geza Schoen. New products will be sold in packaging that resembles the book in hardcover. Interestingly, there many who want to smell like a book? Updated on April 26, 2011: A spokesman for Lagerfeld Caroline Fragner issued a statement which refers to the non-participation of the French couturier to the original design. According to her, this product - only child beauty giant Coty Prestige.


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