"Soaring" dress Marilyn Monroe sold for $ 4, 6 million

The legendary white dress Marilyn Monroe, the one hem blowing air from the ventilation in the movie "The Seven Year Itch" sold for 4, 6 million dollars at auction in Los Angeles. This dress was part of a collection gathered by Debbie Reynolds for 40 years. She hoped to create a museum of movie costumes, but her plans have failed to implement. The organizers of the auction - auction house Profiles in History - hoped to gain for Monroe dress about two million dollars, but the final price has surpassed all expectations. When the white pleated dress was sold, 79-year-old Reynolds could not hold back her tears. Debbie bought this dress in 1971, when she bought the entire wardrobe Marilyn studio 20th Century Fox. With its rarities she tried not to give up until the last, but the contents of the collection costs her too expensive and eventually brought it to ruin.


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