Australian scientists have discovered the secret of the formation of gold veins

Australian seismologists Dion Weatherley and Richard Hanley in the course of the study concluded that the gold veins are formed as a result of the earthquake, reports Nature.
During operation, the scientists analyzed the processes that take place with liquid in the cracks around the main fault line. When an earthquake rock moves along the fault line, and the high pressure in the cavities inside the stones almost instantly can drop to atmospheric pressure. Thereafter, the liquid evaporates, and the surface of rocks crystallized minerals contained in the solution.

According to scientists, one year on the fracture may occur many small earthquakes - from a few thousand to hundreds of thousands a year, and for hundreds of thousands of years, you can get a significant amount of gold. In addition, scientists insist, new gold deposits can be found in the rock with lots of cracks and to use the seismological observations.


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