Russian instruments DAN found on Mars "oases"

Russian instruments DAN (developed in IKI commissioned "Roscosmos") mounted on Curiosity, fixed inhomogeneous distribution of ground water on the Red Planet, "Interfax" referring to the Space Research Institute.
According to scientists, now they have to identify the cause of moisture so-called "Oasis" Martian desert (some parts of the surface).

For all the time given by the Russian neutron sensing device produced several hundred measurements of the planet's surface. These data have enabled scientists to analyze the distribution of groundwater depth. Typically, the mass fraction of water in the upper soil layer is different from the amount of water at a depth of more than 10-20 centimeters.

DAN instrument ("Dynamic neutron albedo") is Russia's contribution to the project rover Curiosity and one of the two foreign vehicles of 10 scientific instruments on board.


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