handbag Hermès Birkin - the ultimate dream for many women. Recently, the house Hermès introduced the handbag, which can dare to dream of only the most-wealthy ladies. Over the past two years, designer Pierre Hardy accessories working on a new collection, and created only four amazing creations that fit is considered a model of jewelry. This dream - only for the elite who can put 1, 5 million euros for a sparkling accessory. Handbag made of rose gold plate, resembling the shape of a crocodile skin pattern and decorated with 1,160 diamonds. It is not designed for carrying things. The dimensions of the new Hermès Birkin are such that it should be worn on the wrist like a bracelet. Accessory fits in one hand, so that even the glasses can not hide it. "We are a little mischief - tells of the creation of Hermès CEO Patrick Thomas. - Who will buy it? I do not know, maybe one who has a couple of bodyguards. " In fact, why should the rich lady pull its economy the most, when the hand is a pair of strong guys? A small Birkin, you can hide the fact that not trusting strangers.


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