Lamborghini Veneno

At the Geneva Motor Show Lamborghini introduced the fastest serial machine. Novelty was named Veneno, which translated from Spanish means "poison." The external appearance of the car evokes associations with the Batmobile: graphite black carbon body and bright red screaming line at the lower edge of the front air intakes. Red accent is present on the wheels, and the center console in the cabin. Under the hood "poisonous" supercar lurking 6, 5 liter V12, overclocked to 750 hp Up to 100 km / h Lamborghini Veneno is dispersed for 2, 8 seconds, and in the limit of it can squeeze 350 km / h. Issue Veneno limit three cars worth 4, 5 million dollars each. As usual, to get hold of a rarity not given to everyone millionaire - all supercars already sold out.


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