A worthy descendant of the Murciélago

After nine years of production and issued 4099 copies, Lamborghini turned edition supercar Murciélago. It will be replaced by a completely new model, which, as the creators are hoping to eclipse its predecessor. The new car will be more powerful, lighter and more environmentally friendly. A descendant of the popular supercar will produce 20% less carbon dioxide without any loss of power. "Heart» Lamborghini future will be the 700-hp engine in volume 6, 5 liters. Due to the wide use of carbon fiber, as well as a new chassis, the car will consume less fuel, which is also a positive impact on the level of emissions. Mate Murciélago company intends to present at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show, which will take place from 3 to 13 March Shvetsarii.


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